Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Silver Cat~

Silver Cat~
Silver Cat
Good Afternoon my dear friends & followers, for today's post I found an interesting story about the Silver Cat. This Magick Critter is from the folklore of Lumberjacks of the forest workers in Wisconsin & Minnesota of the US forests during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These Silver Cats 
are described as having large bodies, their head had red eyes that were just vertical slits. Its tail however, is a deadly weapon of considerable repute.
Silver Cat

It's very long and has sharp spikes on it everywhere on it. At the end of its, tail it has a hard knob. This magick critter is a predator who lurks in the pine trees of the forest, waiting for an unsuspecting lumberjack to pass beneath the trees. When a lumberjack does, approaches the Silver Cat without knowing it, the Magick critter will drop its hard knob at the end of its tail on the man's head. This will knock the lumberjack out, then the Cat will scoop down on his victim with its spiky tail and bring the human up in the tree to be devoured. The Silver Cat belongs to a large group of beings affectionately known as the fearsome critters, whose who exaggerated proportions and activities in devouring their prey. They also have known to make unexplained noises too. I did find that there are many different versions of the Silver Cat in different countries that are very interesting that I will explore later. I hope that 
You all enjoyed the legend of the 
Silver Cat and I will try to remember to 
look up those other legends to 
I love you all very much my dear
friends & followers 

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