Friday, April 17, 2015

The Green Faerie

The Green Faery

The Green Faerie lurks.
She hides in a dream.
 Her voice slips between, 
your dreams 
and in and in out of reality.
She is in and out of the seams of life.
She hovers at  edges of the Shadows & Light,
of life. 
The Green Faery will beckon you from
doorways and reveal themselves throughout the night
only if you let them.
So beware of the green faery they can be 
either on the Shadow side or the Light side and hover 
above you beckoning you to come which ever they 
decide. Hiding also in your dreams. 

Well I hope that you Enjoy the Poem
on the Green Faery....
I love you, all very much my dear
 Friends & Followers.

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