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Pythons can swallow almost anything if their hungry enough!

Pythons can swallow almost anything if their hungry enough!
The python on the move to his prey
Good afternoon my dearest friends & followers, thank you so much for stopping by my humble blog today. For today's post I found a interesting story that's about a pythons & how they will eat anything if their hungry enough. Well in this story its about an python who Huffington Post Enjoy...
believe it or not swallowed a Crocodile Whole! Can you believe that!  Well I hope that you enjoy this post. I found it very interesting myself. Found it on the
I would never guess that when the powerful reptiles of the crocodile and python it would end-up in the situation that this photos that I found. That proves in nature it is always the survival of the fitness. In this tale in the wild swamps, there is an area that lives the most powerful and intimidating reptiles on the planet. In this case, it's a massive python that makes a meal out of an unsuspecting crocodile. Can you believe this?
As the tale goes the 10-ft python had sneak up on the crocodile and it was taking a nap in the warm swamping water not knowing its doom a waits. It seems that it before the crocodile realizes it the python had wrap itself tightly around its body.
Python just upon it prey
Although it seems that the crocodile tries to get out of his dangerous situation, the python doesn't relent on his tightly wrap around the crocodile body.
Well after only a few it seems the crocodile lost the battle, because the pythons is starting to consume the crocodile by head first. This is how the python eats most of his food he eats after he has kills it after tightly wrapping the prey. It makes it easier to slowly work the prey down his throat. It is said that a python gets a catch such as this! it can go without eating for a months of a time. 
Crocodile trying to get away
but no go!
This will show you all how the pythons can
swallow such large prey
The reason the python can swallow such large prey is their quadrate bone which allows them to unhinge their jaw bone and then consume such massive meals as the crocodile. It happens to be an extra bone that helps these creatures. I the last couple of images you can see that the Python has almost completely consumed the crocodile with only its tail showing. For any other creature I can't imagine those ridged thick scales scraping down the python throat to the middle parts of his body. It seems like it would hurt but these pythons are just as tough as the crocodile.  You can even see the crocodile's tail down the length of the pythons body as it has been shallowed.  At this point the crocodile is fully consumed inside the huge python body. Because of its size and the bony nature of the crocodile it will take many months for the python to fully digest it.
Python in the middle of eating the crocodile
Although in protein the bones are the most difficult parts to digest for the python. If the prey is large enough, it could take up to a year for the python to fully digest. 
Python in the middle of crushing crocodile 

Python almost finished eating the Crocodile 

The last few moments of the tail of the Croc

The Python finished his meal for probably a year of eating
you can see the huge lump in the middle of his body.
Amazing creatures yet wouldn't want to be near one when they
are hungry. 
I hope that you all enjoyed the interesting tale of the
Python & the Crocodile
I love you all my dearest friends & followers
thank you so much for stopping by my humble blog
Hugss & Kissess
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