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Sapphire Dragon~

Sapphire Dragon~
Baby Sapphire Dragon
Good afternoon & welcome my dear friends & follower to my humble blog. Today I have a wonderful story again about dragons one of my favorite Mystery critters of the unseen. Yet I believe are still on our planet deep in the forests, caves, depth of the oceans & other parts of the world that are well hidden and Unseen by humans. For this post I am going to bring you all to the world of the Sapphire Dragons. The Sapphire dragons live in the Isles of the subterranean beneath two of the larger southern islands. This is so the dragons will have the most control over the caves of the Isles in the larger southern islands territory of the tropical jungles. Most of all the territory above the Sapphire Dragons realms belong to the Emerald Dragons, which they keep a small portion of the surface area as their own as well as the extensive caverns beneath the tropical jungles too.  So basically these Sapphire Dragons lairs are in Inner planes in the jungles and underground caverns.
Adult Sapphire Dragon
At birth as you can see with my gif image for you all the sapphire dragons are quite beautiful, ranging from light to dark blue in colour. When they get a bit older their scales can range from a light to a dark in colour which will sparkle in the light and a night too; because of this coloration, these Sapphire Dragons are sometimes mistaken for blue dragons. I did discovered of all the dragon kind, and I have done quite a lot of tales on the legend & truth on the loveFortheDragon! Some of these would be; Bronze, Fairy, Rainboww, Yellow, Black, Blood moon, Guardian, Ice, Long Wang, Mikonawa Bird Dragon, Orange, Silver, White, Golden, Purple, Emerald, Blue, Copper, Fire, Green, Koi & Sapphire at this time. I will be always looking for more kinship of the beloved dragon my dears.. Its seems that perhaps the Sapphire dragon kin are the most militaristic of all their cousins. They are fervently protective of territory from outsiders.
Sapphire Dragon
They will go as far as to distrusting anyone who gets when in miles of their borders. These Sapphires work hard to keep their bodies in peak fighting condition, by maintaining some of the best-trained armies in the world within the Isles of their homes with in the caverns.  Most of their territories are in underground cavern so they rarely come within conflict with other dragon kin their cousins. This is only if the Sapphire Dragons are tempted to take over an currently used cavern that they feel that they must have. It seems that only the Black dragons will compete with the Sapphire Dragons for the tropical underground caverns and even some these
Black Dragon
Black Dragons are known of going into the direction of conflicting armies; Sapphire kin. It is not known who wins. I guess it really would mean how many each clan of kinship would have of each clan. As far as the Magick demi-human's that serve the Sapphire Dragons these are either dwarfs or gnomes that live mostly in the mountains and caverns near the mountains. These races have not problems living and working beneath the ground with the Sapphire Dragons. However, it seems the honor of being slaves for the Sapphire dragons are usually reserved for the gnomes.
This could because the dwarfs are much more independent & aggressive, unlike the gnomes who are simple kind tiny folks. 
The Purple dragons that love living in the lower levels of the Underdark of the deep caverns of the Drow a cousin of the elves that were drove to live in the dark for the rest of their days. However, the Sapphire Dragon felt the elves and even the drow were to much like their cousin to be trusted and are consider to be one of their natural enemies.
It could be because the Dwarfs/Gnomes are treated little better than slaves, as the two species were once at war and they are almost never granted the kindred bond after the war between them. It seems that the Sapphire Dragons are great hunts through the subterranean tunnels where they live. Their favorite food seems to be Giant Spiders. When these dragon lords are feeling particularly lazy, they will send their dwarven's into the tunnels in search of the spiders, because they know very well the gnomes will be eaten alive and will never make it back. Also these spiders have to be capture alive which makes it even more so that they would send their dwarven's into the tunnels for the enormous spiders. Since they have war like attacks unlike the gnomes who almost never, if ever are at war.
Sapphire Dragon
The Sapphire dragons prefer to observe the intruders so that they can plan how to deal with them, whether that being intruders, food or visitors. If drows or dwarfs from a different kin approach their lair, they will immediately attack. If a Sapphire Dragon feels it is ever threatened or its treasure it will attacks immediately with its cone breath weapon of panicking sound, spells and physical attacks. It will also use its special abilities to escape if it feels it faced with a more powerful dragon or foe.
Sapphire Dragon
Sapphire Dragons take a single mate for long periods of time, however these dragons will seek to possess a mate to enhance their prestige and status more than any other reasons. I found that the Sapphire dragon to be very interesting I hope that you all like the post on the dragon too. For my love for the Dragons! I hope to find more dragons for you all! I hope your all have a wonderful day. I love you all my dear Friends & Followers hugs 
Thank you so much for stopping by my humble blog my dears and I hope to see you again. I hope that 
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