Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sea Lions are OH... So.. Grand!!!

Sea Lions are OH... So.. Grand!!!
I have loved Sea Lions & Otters all my life. During my younger part of
my life I was lucky to get to live by the ocean to see and be by these wonderful and amazing creatures. I found these Oh...So...Cute Gifts well on Huffington Post & just had to share with you all. And then found a few wonderful video's too. Have an Awesome day my dearest friends & followers love you all so very much
and I hope you will have a bit of time to stop by to see these amazing creatures of the sea. 

Sea Lion goes for a ride

Feeding sea lions 

Oh so, Cutttte...

 So Cute the Elephant Sea lion

I hope you all enjoy the video's if you need
to turn off the music box so you can hear the video's
all you have to do is go to the bottom of the blog and 
us the dragon cursor to click it on pause. It on the 
top of the box... I hope that's helpful if you don't already
know that.. I have done this many times. I hope you
have a great day love you all 

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