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Aokigahara Forest - wondering if
this young man made it out?
I have always been curious about the
Japanese Aokigahara Forest which they have even made a movie about it, but the truth is it's a very scary place to be & has been for hundreds of years taking young lives.
I thought since You, my delightful readers, followers, and friends do like the Urban legends I would start with one of the most legendary. I hope that you find it interesting. But you must remember this is a forest that is shrouded by death. An legend that is seen as truth.
Mount Fuji that rests in the shadows
of the Aokigahara Forest
Resting in Mount Fuji's shadow lies a forest shrouded by death, the world's second most popular suicide location in the world--Called
'the perfect place to die'. The Aokigahara Forest has the unfortunate distinction of the world's second most popular place that folks take their lives. [Note the First is the Golden Gate Bridge in Sanfransico].
It is said since the 1950s, Japanese businessmen have wandered in and at least 500 of them have never come out. At an increasing rate of between 10 and 30 per year will die in the Aokigahara Forest in Japan. Geologist Azusa Hayano who has studied the Aokigahara Forest for 20+ which I will add to this post later in this post.
Aokigahara Forest is recently
having more suicides over the years
Recently the numbers have sadly increased to a record of 78 suicides in 2002. The belief in Japan is that the suicides that have been committed in the Aokigahara Forest have permeated the trees, which has generated a paranormal activity and preventing many who enter from every leaving the forest's depths, this is believed by Japanese spiritualists who have studied the area for many years some up to 20+years. There are other complicating matters that Geologists & Scientists are finding too. This could be the uncommon rich deposits of magnetic iron in the area's volcanic soil. They say due to the vastness of the forest, desperate visitors are unlikely to encounter anyone once they step inside the so-called 'SEA OF TREES", so the police have mounted signs reading, 'YOUR LIFE IS A PRECIOUS GIFT FROM YOUR PARENTS. PLEASE CONSULT THE POLICE BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO DIE! on trees throughout.
Aokigahara Forest
Sadly these warnings do not deter the determined people who feel live is not worth living anymore and are determined to commit suicide in this forest of death. It is said that Annually about 70 corpses is found by volunteers who clean the woods, however, many of these volunteers that clean the woods are forever lost in the very thick woods. Japanese authorities have not published the exact numbers of suicides, the reason for this is to make the place less popular. They say the Locals can easily spot 3-types of visitors that go to the Forest;
1-trekkers interested in scenic views of Mount Fuji.
2-curious visitors hoping to get a glimpse of the macabre
3-Lastly sadly all those souls who plan to come to the forest and
never on returning.
Sad Suicide person
The problem that the folks that come to the Aokigahara Forest to end their lives, they have no idea the impact their suicide have on the locals folks and the forest workers that have to clean up after them. You see they only monthly patrols and annual body hunts which  police and volunteers scour the forest for victims.In the words of one man,' It bugs the hell out of me that the area's famous for being a suicide spot'. Also, the local police have said that they have seen more badly decomposed bodies to last a lifetime.  Many don't know what the works of cleaning up the forest go through, they must carry the decomposed bodies from the forest to the local station--there the bodies are put in a special room used specifically to house suicide corpses. After they do that, the forest workers well play 'jan-ken-pon' (rock, paper, scissors)to see who has to sleep in the room with the corpses. Yu may wonder why one of the workers has to sleep in the room with the corpses, well it is believed that if the corpses are left alone, it is very bad luck for the
Yurei--Ghost of the suicide victims. Their spirits are said to scream through the night and their bodies will move on their own.
The link below is where I found the info...
Aokigahara Forest
Aokigahara Forest 
There are some places on this Earth that people say to be cursed.
Well, at the foot of Japan's Iconic Mt. Fuji lying sprawled amongst some of the most majestic scenery in Japan. At the base of this picturesque mountain lies the haunted destination of broken souls known as Aokigahara Forest. Which is also referred to as the 'Sea of Trees' or the Creep version ' infamously infested 'Suicide Forest'.
I thought I would tell you a little bit about the history of the Aokigahara Forest since I've told you about the legend/truth of the Forest. Aokigahara Forest lies at the northwest base of Mt. Fu, which looms overhead with its majestic peak. It is a starkly beautiful landscape renowned for its breathtaking scenery and vistas. The forest itself is approximately 35square km(14square miles)in an area and from a distance seems like an idyllic, pristine wilderness area.
Aokigahara Forest 
However, looks can be deceiving. The moment one steps into the Aokigahara Forest, it quickly becomes apparent that something
is slightly odd about the place. The first thing that one might notice
is the disconcerting silence within the forest. Another odd thing would be how density packed the trees block the sun & wind which produces a very dark, eerie blanket of creep quiet. This compounded with the lack of wildlife in the forest or that one can see or hear. You would think you would hear the sounds of birds and other types of wildlife and the chirping and chattering in abundance in the forest. However, oddly in the enormous Aokigahara Forest, there is a natural absent of sound & wildlife. It's like they are hiding from something that is not from this world. Some have described the quality of the sound in the forest to have a somewhat muted quality to it as if being heard through a thick veil or another room.
Another thing that people discover is that compasses do not work in the Forest. What does happen your compasses needle may jerk & jump about spasmodically? The languid circuits around the compass will constantly go around and around. It is said that this happens because of the magnetic anomalies induced by the rich deposits of magnetic iron in the volcanic soil in the forest. But it isn't just the volcanic soil of the forest, there is an disorienting effect of the forest goes beyond merely rendering the compass useless.
There have been even the most experienced hikers to venture to Aokigahara that have the claim that for some reason in this forest they get easily confused in the dark & silent place. They all think it's due to the uncommon silence and hikers inexplicably traveling around in circles unable to navigate even in just short distances in the forest.
Shoes of all ages 
From these experiences, many have planted markers or plastic tape on the trees in order not to lose their way however it does not always work. Some are lucky other are not. Then there is the Creepy litter that is strewn about the forest floor --- like that of Pairs of shoes, both children's older folks and adults, lined up on moss covered in gnarled logs. Also, there may be a packet of entire mundane photographs, song lyrics scrawled upon the envelope, lying forgotten and untouched amongst the underbrush. Other trinkets could be a child's doll lying wide-eyed atop the twisted roots of a tree, its vacant eyes staring up as if trying to peer through the crooked branches above the thick trees.
Odd Trinkets abandoned among
the trees
Besides finding odd trinkets abandoned among the trees they could be placed seemly jarred out of place here and there all over the forest floor. Which could seem odd to some forests but not to this pristine wilderness? These Items only add to a growing sense of the creepiness of the Aokigahara Forest. Sadly even with all the eery occurrences, warnings of the police many tourists still visit the area to see the magnificent scenery and the numerous rocky caverns scattered throughout the Forest. Many of these caverns that you find are quite dangerous to the unwary & the warning signs are a common sight to warn you among the think trees as you approach these caves. Sadly there are still large numbers of visitors that are brave or crazy to trek inside them to seem every year. It is said that above and beyond the unsettling elements of the forest is very dangerous but even darker inside the caverns of Aokigagara. In addition to those who are drawn to the caverns which have been told to have beautiful scenery, hiking, the drives in the hundreds of lost souls who come here every year to die. All die even the ones that are here to have fun hiking and checking out the scenery of the caverns because they all never find the way out of the forest. It is also said to be a rather morbidly way to died & the perfect place to die'. Since the monthly patrols only happen annual for the body hunts, it is said that the numbers are likely to be even higher in the deep forest, the numerous caves, crevasses, and caverns. The forest has the ability to quickly and thoroughly decompose remains of its victims.
Some decomposing bodies of the victims are stumbled across every
Strange things that Vistors
would find is otherwise
a horrific sight
year by new visitors, coming into the Forest. This could hike through an otherwise beautiful wilderness, then across the field an horrific sight of a corpse hanging from a tree or a skeleton with its legs poking out of the dense foliage on the forest floor. This is the reality of Aokigahara Forest. It is very difficult for the local police and volunteers to locate all of the dead that are hidden away within the dark wood or to accurately estimate how many have died there.
They only know one thing for sure and that is that every year the numbers of those come to the Forest to die is increasing sadly.
Forest Ghosts
Even with the endless measures of putting signs as well as installing security cameras and sending more police patrols hasn't stopped the increasing numbers of people meeting their doom. are thinking about ending their lives are mysteriously drawn there by supernatural forces within the dark forest that beckon them to come.
It is said that some of these lonely souls who enter the Aokigahara ubasute) -- a custom in which a sick or elderly relative was allegedly abandoned in a desolated location such as a remote mountain or forest and left to die. It was said the victims of ubasate in the
Aokigahara Forest-- elderly victims became vengeful ghosts relentlessly prowling the twisted trees. Many also believe that all the suicides over the hundreds of years in the forest have permeated the very trees, which generated a paranormal activity. That means it has driven all the wildlife away and preventing many who enter from ever escaping the forest grasp.
Forest of Aokigahara
Forest and survived their attempts of suicide have told of having the vague feeling of being somehow called to or pulled towards the forest. It was like having the inexplicable compulsion to make the journey there. Knowone can be certain but it seems that Aokigahara has its own paranormal happenings too. In the early days before records were kept on the suicides on the Aokigahara forest, the area has a long history steeped in spooky lore and mythology. They have said the dim forest was long thought to be the haunt of demons and ghosts of who prowled the landscape and terrified travelers that came within the forest. In the old days, it was also believed that it was once a popular place for the gruesome practice of (ubasate )
Ghost trying to lead you in
the Forest
They say too that the forlorn souls of those who committed suicide in that Aokigahara forest are doomed to eternally to inhabit its depths, trapped within the gnarled trees & forever beckoning others to join them. So the curse continues on and on sadly.
I found another interesting view on the 'Jukai' 'The sea of Trees'  he is a Geologist Azusa Hayano has been documentary the forest and film making its hauntings for over 30+ Azusa has been documenting and trying to see the many clues that have been left behind by the one that have taken their lives in desperation or other reason that he has studied for decades. All that is left among the trees is the persons few items that they leave behind the moment before they take their own life. Some of these
things have been even notebooks with writings or nothing at all but maybe pictures. The Geologist Azusa has taken many rolls of film of theses sites of men, women who have taken their lives however when he does talk in the film he is clear has compassion for the people through his softly spoken voice. This pensive man acts out of a desire to understand and to try everything he can to prevent these tragedies. I must say in his video the footage does include some very disturbing stills of bodies found dangling in the forest that might not be quite the film that google would want me to put on my blog page. There
Don't look for Me'
that is left among the trees is the persons few items that they leave behind the moment before they take their own life. Some of these things have been even notebooks with writings or nothing at all but maybe pictures. The Geologist Azusa has taken many rolls of film of theses sites of men, women who have taken their lives however when he does talk in the film he is clear has compassion for the people through his softly spoken voice. This
pensive man acts out of a desire to understand and to try everything he can to prevent these tragedies. I must say in his video the footage does include some very disturbing stills of bodies found dangling in the forest that might not be quite the film that google would want me to put on my blog page. There are equally chilling possessions of bodies that are left behind with often signs of distress and indecision too. So for Mr. Hayano suicide in his country of Japan has changed so much of the many centuries. Whereas it was once the preserve of the Samurai, who would commit the ritual act of 'Harakiri' to preserve their 'Honour'. Today it is merely a mark of social isolation in the modern world sadly. Mr. Hayano believes it's impossible to die heroically by committing suicide in his opinion.
Mr. Hayano tries to stop a suicide 
He also feels it is all a symptom of the increasingly impersonal and lonely way of how we live today within the internet, not with true human contact. Quote' How can we live our lives being online all day. However, the truth of the matter is we still need to see each other's faces, read their expression hear their voices so we can fully understand their emotions basically to coexist'.


This is the video of the Geologist
Azusa Hayano who has Explore the
Sea of Trees--Aokigahara Forest for
over 30+years.
I thought I would put both the
video and the link above just in case the
video's get taken off you never know these days.
Mind you the video can be a bit graphic
so use caution
~The links above is where I got a lot of my info for the post~
Here are a few other video's of the
Aokigahara Forest

Well, I have put a few video's of the
Aokigahara Forest
What I hope is that this Urban Legend
which is actually a True Urban legend
That anyone that is thinking to ending
their life please go to someone that
your trust or a place to help you.
If you can't do that the internet has
a few good sites that I have & will leave
for you at the end of this post.
I do understand in someways I have be
there in some way or form. Your life is
very presious. You may not know it, as
I didn't at the time but you faimily & friends
feell you are so important
And that you life is very precious
to them.
You seem they are the ones you are hurting
and you must think of them!
Here are those links that I was
talking about that were given to me
many years ago, that I saved for a raining day
I would love to share in hopes to help
another friend in need.
These should help

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