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Pele's Curse
Good evening my dearest Friends, Supporters, Followers and Readers to my humble blog, I thought I would bring you to the Islands of Hawaii one more time for another Urban legend. As I was telling in my last post I would try to find different urban legends/folktales of different countries. Since Hawaii is close to my heart being that my family on my husband side lives there it is fun to do. This one has some truth to the legend & many stories too. Pele is very ancient when it comes to the Hawaiian islands. They say that she is the one that created the islands with her lava. This is another tale that I will look in my archives to see if I have written about the
Goddess Pele for you. Now  from what Hawaiian legend says and anyone who is born an raised on the island of Hawaii knows the tale like my husband when I first meet his family in 1990 and then when we went there on our honeymoon to never pick up any of the lava rock or sands to bring home which I have never done. There are other superpositions that you should be aware of too. but I will put that in another post. So in the Hawaiian legend; anyone that removes a piece of lava rock  from the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park will incur the wrath of The Goddess Pele. Supposedly she will cause terrible curses upon you following those that do prompt them to soon abandon the rock or rocks that they had taken from her volcano as a self-preservation.
So can a souvenir  that is casually pocketed on a Hawaiian beach bring such misfortune to one person? Though the more skeptical person, they may scoffingly dismiss the notion off as pure hooey, However, there are thousands that have come to believe that by taking the Goddess Pele's volcanic rocks they will fetch with them a curse of impressive proportions. The only way to undo the jinx or curse is to return the purloined items whence they came. It is said that in the legend that the Goddess Pele of Fire & Volcanoes is so angered when her rocks --- which she sees as her children --- are taken from her that she exacts a terrible revenge on the thief or thieves.

So she is especially protective of the volcanic rocks and the sand, items that the tourists almost think nothing about when the mindlessly pocket as mementos of  their vacations. After all, who would miss a little old rock?
So the Goddess Pele who lives not far from the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park & not far from all the many hotels that receive a never -ending stream of packages containing sand, shells and most important of all lava rock Pele's children from the guilty-minded vacationers who are intent upon reversing they're sudden downpours of terrible bad luck.  Many of these were returned with notes begging forgiveness by the Goddess Pele herself.
So have said please take this sand and put it back somewhere on your island. I have had very bad luck since it came into my life and I am very sorry I took it Please forgive me and I pray that once I send it back where it comes from my bad luck will go away. It seems that thousands of pounds of stolen lava rock have been returned to Hawaiian islands by mail each year because fo former tourist fear that the Goddess Pele will change their lives by here wrath.
So apparently many folks and I believe this too. Not that I have taken any lava rocks but by removing one of the cool looking black lava rocks from Hawaii can really piss off Pele, the
Hawaiian Goddess of fire and volcanoes. It would seem that people from all over the world have pocketed rocks either by accident or on purpose and then blamed their life going to sh*t on the lava stones because of the ancient Hawaiian Goddess Pele who believes that they are all her children and will curse anyone who takes them from her. My advice is  to all
Volcanic Gold not
 worth your life
those couple on their honeymoons just like my -self in 1996 you might want to think twice before getting your hands on those lava rocks or lava black sand. It could really bring you bad luck. So please return the soil or lava rocks if you have been having bad luck. For a few examples from folks that have had Pele's wrath; I will put a few stories for you;
This is one tale of an couple bad luck with the Goddess Pele~
It seems that ever since they took a few items from the land of Hawaii they have nothing but bad luck and lots of medical problems. They want to apologize for taking the items and they are returning them to Hawaii.
What they had done with the lava rock last fall was but the lava rocks on the cast iron chair in their garden, Then in the spring one of  the chairs's, mind you that they were cast iron chair's. And in the spring, one of the cast iron chair's leg had just fallen off. That just doesn't happen that often. Apparently that was the least of they problems they had since they had taken the lava rock from Pele. These curses from Pele's are not mild-mannered at all, from the one's who have gone through her curse. Those who have been afflicted by it have felt the pain of her wrath. There is another tale of Pele's wrath's, this one was reported in the Los Angeles Times. It was a sad case of
Timothy Murray. Timothy 32 years old who scooped some of the unusual black sand from the Hawaii Volcanoes in the National Park into a bottle and brought it back with him to his home Florida. Well, from that day everything in his life immediately went into a nosedive; his pet died, his five-year relationship  with a girl he was to marry ended and the FBI arrested him in a computer copyright infringement case.
The native Hawaiian view of taking such souvenirs is that it's tantamount to stealing from their Goddess Pele while visiting her home. And the only way to appease her wrath is to return the stolen items.  

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